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FuelPro Trailers

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Saving time, money, and effort are just a few advantages of owning a portable gas trailer. Since we make our fuel trailers, we can tailor our wares to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Minimize downtime. Get the fuel and equipment to the field as soon as possible.

Our expert Certified Welders put their all into building each trailer. Each trailer undergoes stringent pressure testing and inspection at every stage of the production process to ensure the highest quality.


Fuel is essential to the functioning of your universe. At any time or place, FuelPro Trailers can deliver. Our trailers are made to fit in with the rest of your farm machinery without causing any problems. Highway sloshing is avoided thanks to the baffle system installed in each steel tank, which is welded inside and outside. Thanks to radial tires and leaf spring suspension axles, you can tow your tank trailer over almost any surface with confidence. Quickly and easily connect with a drop leg jack and a coupler that can be adjusted for height. FuelPro Trailers are a turnkey fuelling solution designed specifically for your needs.


Our Industry-Leading Trailers Have Been Constructed With Strict Quality Control

Our tank trailers are constructed from high-quality components, such as corrosion-resistant stainless steel, aluminum, alloy steel, and plastics from resistant plastic polymers. Our first tanker was designed with quality in mind, and we've come a long way since then to produce and market a wide range of items that have become the norm in their fields. Through years of dedicated service and meticulous quality assurance, we have earned our position as the industry leader in tankers and other specialty trailers.

Exceeding Your Expectations With Premium Quality Fuel Trailers

We've earned our reputation as the go-to source for trailers and tankers by using only the highest quality materials and designing our products to be easily maintained over the long haul.

Rather than wasting time and money on low-quality knockoffs, come to us for your tank and tanker trailer needs. Our company has combined cutting-edge technology with years of experience to create the best tanks and trailer tankers available, which can haul any cargo in various sizes.

Utilizing Top-of-the-line Materials To Ensure Customer Satisfaction

When we build tankers for sale, we exclusively employ the highest quality materials that meet or exceed all relevant industry standards. We also offer durable goods. The highest quality containers, tankers, and open/closed body trailers are what we strive to design, develop, and manufacture for our customers.

Benefits of FuelPro Trailers

FuelPro Trailers include: 3 sizes: 500, 750 or 990 gallon

  • Reduce Security Risks

It’s not uncommon for fuel to be stolen from delivery trucks when construction companies need to make fuel runs. The amount delivered to the site may be lower than initially estimated. They may pay more than they should. Given the potential for temptation, it’s crucial to assign this responsibility to reliable individuals. A FuelPro Trailer eliminates this concern because it delivers consistent fuel to the building site. This eliminates the possibility of vehicular mishaps.

  • Ensure That Your Machinery Has Enough Fuel

Also, inexperienced workers may receive significantly less than is necessary to meet the equipment’s fueling requirements. It could be late in the day when the error is spotted. It’s possible to get more gasoline and continue the operations, but it’ll take some time. Having a FuelPro Trailer to store fuel and access it on demand is preferable.

  • Reduce Downtime

Downtime can be reduced by rescheduling delivery times. The gasoline trucks, for instance, can come when work is done in the evening. For morning readiness, fueling can be done during this time. Operators of machines will no longer need to wait in line only to refuel. Once they get to the place, they won’t have to wait around. This eliminates the waiting around at the beginning of their shift.

  • Improve Productivity

Operators of automated systems can start their workdays earlier and accomplish more. Increased fuel efficiency will boost production at the site. When the site manager has a plan in place, they can keep to it and even finish early. This creates some breathing room for everybody. More often than not, the construction firm can complete the project without exceeding the set budget.

Having a fuel storage tank on the farm allows you to avoid driving to a fuel service station and complete the refueling process quickly and easily without leaving the premises. Your firm will function more smoothly and effectively, as you will have more time to devote to the most critical tasks.

  • Save Costs

Saving money is another benefit of investing in fuel storage tanks for farms. The upfront and ongoing fuel tank expenses may appear high, but they will save you money in the long term. You can cut down on transportation costs by not having to refuel elsewhere. You may rest easy knowing that your money won’t go to waste thanks to fuel tanks. If you own your fleet of FuelPro Trailers, you can monitor the amount of fuel used on the farm and plan for future purchases accordingly.

  • Keep Fuel Quality Up

The quality of the gasoline being injected into fuel-powered machinery and vehicles is one factor that can affect their efficiency. Because of the high cost and essentiality to daily operations of agricultural machinery, it must be in good working order. If you lose productivity from one of your tractors for the day, it costs you time and money. Having a reliable FuelPro Trailer on-site ensures that the fuel you use is clean and safe to use. Instead of producing engine difficulties, our trailer will ensure that your machinery functions optimally.

Get your hands on a diverse collection of FuelPro Trailers

With our Trailer line of portable gasoline solutions for business and recreational users, FuelPro offers a diverse selection of personalization choices so that you can create the mobile fuel trailer that best suits your needs. Our industry-leading design, metal fabrication, and assembly capabilities deliver turnkey solutions that assist you in transporting fuel safely and efficiently to the locations where you require it the most.

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