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Experience a 'Clean Sweep' with Sweep-All Turf Solutions!

Sweep-All: Leading

Turf Equipment Manufacturer

At Sweep-All, we are your go-to lawn sweeper equipment company, whether you're tending to vast acres or a cozy backyard. Our dedication to quality has made us the industry leader in sweeper and aerator manufacturing.

Clean Sweep

  • Swiftly and effortlessly clear debris

  • Remove debris and dethatch in a single pass

  • Easy one-person operation

  • Save hours of time, labor, and wages

  • Equipment constructed with premium-grade components

Our sweepers excel at picking up rocks, pinecones, and trash, outperforming other models.


  • Eliminate dead organic matter

  • Promote healthier grass with improved breathability

  • Encourage robust root growth

  • Accelerate rain absorption into the lawn

  • Foster thicker grass growth

Our product range is meticulously engineered to create healthier, safer, and more beautiful lawns.

Core Aeration

  • Enhance air circulation

  • Enable water and nutrients to reach the roots

  • Strengthen grass roots

  • Alleviate soil compaction

  • Reduce thatch buildup

We stand as the top lawn aerator company due to the robustness of our equipment.

Beyond traditional lawn care, Sweep-All's sweepers find applications in various settings, from farms and parking lots to county fairs and event venues.

They prove invaluable for picking up debris, trash, and even manure, offering versatile solutions for cleanliness and turf health.

Our industrial-grade commercial lawn sweeper excels at clearing leaves, grass clippings, apples, acorns, and much more, making it ideal for use in parks, schoolyards, sports fields, campgrounds, and beyond.

Additionally, our heavy-duty aerator boasts exceptional durability and ease of use, with 3/4" coring tines that penetrate up to 4" into the ground. Designed with rental store toughness in mind, it simplifies yard aeration and transport.

Sweep-All is your partner for efficient turf maintenance and debris collection.

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