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Tree Shears

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

KX Tree Shears effectively and swiftly clear large areas of land with trees and other plants. Due to its construction, KX Tree Shears offer an exceptionally high resilience to breakage and general wear and tear.

If you find yourself in the position of owning a vast tract of land that has to be cleared of trees and other forms of vegetation, you might assume that the task will take a significant amount of time, require a lot of physical effort, and have the potential to be very expensive.

KX Tree Shears can remove vegetation from small or extensive areas of land, cutting down and delimber trees up to 12 inches thick speedily and effectively.

Learn all about KX Tree Shears.

The State-Of-The-Art KX Tree Shears

It should go without saying that the Koala Tree shears have become famous all over the world because they are constructed from high-strength steel and come equipped with a blade that can be easily replaced. The MDE Koala tree shear line was built with a purpose-built heavy hardox structure to ensure that it is tougher, more robust, and more durable than any other tree shear in its market category.

KX products are built to last, even when subjected to the most demanding conditions, thanks to our premium-grade components, handcrafted construction, and painstakingly evaluated architecture. As a result of these considerations, KX has developed a product family that includes dependable and productive equipment ranging from tractors to excavators with 30 tonnes of lifting capacity, as well as mini loaders and harvesters. Due to our user-friendliness, the devices are ideally suited for less extensive clearing. Still, they are also the product of choice for many bigger professional customers.

KX Tree Shears, based in Suolahti, Finland, are the European leader in the tree shear industry for its durability and rugged construction. The equipment is gaining sales strength in the North American market. These excavator attachments are second to none – from the high-strength steel construction including the grapple teeth to the twin-hydraulic rams. They also come equipped with a cutting blade that can be easily replaced and optional collector arms that hold the tree so additional cuts can be made in succession.

The Finnish manufacturer has recently introduced their 3rd generation shear that does not only include the same solid structure, but it was manufactured for efficiency since it has a rotating head. Once the blade is removed, the unit transitions to a grapple only for loading the sheared material or can be used for other material lifting jobs or installations. If you are a farmer, rancher, municipality, commercial operator or forest professional who owns or rents an Excavator, you can stop your internet search right now because you have found the best of the best!

If you own a Rental Store and have Excavators in the equipment fleet, a KX Tree Shear will offer another solution for your do-it-yourself customer(s).

Which KX shear is right for you depends on the weight of your Excavator & the GPM hydro-flow of the machine (details below.)

Our Products

KX-210 Tree Shear

The KX-210 represents a brand-new type of energy wood Tree Shear grapple with Rotator. An intuitive, highly effective, and lightweight energy Tree Shear grapple with Rotator suitable for various applications is the product of extensive industry expertise and ongoing research and development efforts.

Logging, clearing, and installation work are made much simpler by the blade's modular form and the fact that it can be removed relatively easily. The mass handling device, which is optional, enables numerous consecutive cuts, which in turn provides efficiency to the timber harvesting process.

The KX-210 has expanded the list or types of jobs a Mini-Excavator can handle. This shear has been manufactured with the operator in mind! From its light-weight design to its easy to remove blade, your logging, clearing and installation work will now be effortless.

KX-280 Tree Shear

The 280 is the #1 selling of the KX products because it is designed for mid-size Excavators. Exactly like the other models, a coupling plate (quick-attach system) is available for purchase. The unit also has a “Collector” option which are secondary, smaller arms that hold the tree in place so additional cuts can be made.

KX-350 Tree Shear

The 350 is the “Daddy” of the KX line of quality Tree Shears. Not only does it offer the largest cutting diameter, it has an Extension Arm option which extends the reach of the grapple. This option is very handy when removing tree limbs or branches.

Benefits of Tree Shears

  • Weight and Size

The KX Tree Shears are designed to be as space-efficient as possible by combining the blade, grasping arms, and hydraulic system into a single unit. With our unique capsular construction, these tree shears are both lightweight and sturdy, and we can cut through some of the strongest trees and vegetation that can be found anywhere. Because it has a low weight, it may be connected to excavators ranging in size from 1.5 tonnes up to 25 tonnes, depending on the size of the machine used.

  • Cutting Capabilities

The Hardox blade on the KX Tree Shears ensures precise, clean cuts through any tree or plant material you're working with. Its optimum cutting diameter is 10 inches for hardwood and 12 inches for softwood. Instead of shattering a saw blade or straining to cut down trees one by one, you may let the KX Tree Shears do the work by pulling the tree stump across the permanently mounted blade.

  • Cutting Capabilities

The replaceable cutting blade(s) for the KX Tree Shears ensure precise, clean cuts through any tree or plant material you're working with. Its optimum cutting diameter is 8 inches to 13 inches depending on the type of tree (hardwood or softwood) & size of your Excavator. Instead of shattering a saw blade or straining to cut down trees one by one, you may let the KX Tree Shears do the work by pulling the tree stump across the permanently mounted blade.

  • Customization and Attachments

The KX Tree Shears may be tailored to the individual user thanks to its flexible design. A delimber module can be attached to trees before they are cut down to remove both larger and smaller limbs, resulting in a cleaner final product; an extension beam can be attached to extend the user's reach, and a collector will continue to work until the complete set of trees, and another greenery is dropped by the user, resulting in increased efficiency and speed. These add-ons may be quickly bolted on, requiring no extra hydraulics or energy to operate.

  • Versatility

The high-powered jaws can shear trees as large as 13 inches (shear size dependent) all the way down to ground level in a matter of seconds. The 3rd generation come equipped with a rotating head for the shear & grapple which creates high-efficiency for immediate loading for final removal at the same time as cutting.

The project you're working on could be an extensive excavation requiring the removal of thousands of trees across broad tracts of land or a modest garden space that needs to be rapidly cleared of trees and bushes. Due to its compact and lightweight construction, the KX Tree Shears can be utilized in various settings, from small urban gardens to sprawling rural estates.

Attachments known as KX Tree Shears are used to swiftly and effectively clear regions of more minor to medium-sized trees. The high-powered jaws can shear trees as large as 16 inches down to the ground in a matter of seconds. The tree shears we use come equipped with a Tree Shear grapple with Rotator to carry rotating versions that can chop trees into more manageable portions that can then be removed.

  • Professional Durability

The construction of the KX Tree Shears makes them exceptionally resistant to breaking and wear and tear. If they are being used properly, these tree shears ought to be able to cut through tree after tree with relative ease, carrying out an excavation task in a professional manner time and time again. When excavating, your goal should be for a top-quality job that leaves little clutter and requires little time to "tidy up," which KX Shears provides. This set of tree shears won't let you down thanks to the solid and resistant steel material it is made from, the confined moving parts, and the fixed saw blade.

Get your hands on high-end KX Tree Shears Today!

Are you looking for the best Tree Shear for your next farming project? KX Tree Shears are your best solution. Made with premium quality materials and unparalleled craftsmanship, our products exclude durability, ease of use, and unmatched performance. Get in touch with us for more information!

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