Split-Fire offers a complete product line of log splitters and wood chippers for the agricultural, forestry and rental industry. Split-Fire log splitters provide the best possible return on your investment. See product pictures and testimonials below.




Sweep-All is great for picking up yard clippings and sand from parking lots and driveways leaving a well maintained look with minimal effort.



KUNZ (ATV Equipment)

Kunz Engineering manufactures the AcrEase Pull Mowers and Till-Ease Tillage Equipment product lines that pull behind riding mowers or ATV's.




E-Z Trench quality built equipment made in the U.S.A, constructed with quality materials and built to perform for years of service.




A leader in the manufacturering of broadcast, self-propelled compost and sand spreaders/topdressers, and setting the standard for the turf industry professionals.



KUHNS Power Dog

Experience the versatility of Hydraulic with Kuhns Power Equipment, Power Dog. User friendly agricultural, commercial and industrial equipment.




Predator produces the narrowest stump grinders on the market for their power output along with telescopic widening tracks.




SitePro offers an extensive line of skid steer and front loader attachements that are quality manufactured, designed and tested.



M-B Companies

High performance in all seasons, in any weather condition. Fall leaves, spring clean up or snow removal - MB TOUGH BRUSHES get the job done!



KUHNS Log Splitter

Experience the versatility of Kuhns Power Equipment, Power Dog Quick Split Log Splitter which operates horizontally and vertically.



Heying Company

Infields, golf, turf, driveways, yards and more! Heying Company provides great equipment at affordable prices. They make dirt and turf look good!



Sweep All & Predator items available nationwide.  All other equipment are territory specific.  Kindly contact Pete for specific state / regional availability.

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We take pride in our selection of quality products. All of the products we offer are from trusted companies. Parts available for purchase.
If you have any questions regarding our prodcuts or would like more information, please contact us. 

"As you can expect we don't split a lot of wood in south Alabama but I can assure you for those that do I'm doing it better with mroe production than the rest! I've purchased 100's of pieces of assorted equipment in my career and seldom do we experience this degree of "truth in advertising." It exceeded our expectations both in simplicity and performance! We got a little carried away and now hoping for an extended winter in south Alabama as I've got enough firewood for another couple of months."

Product Testimonials

"I want  you to know how completely satisfied I am with the splitter. This thing is the Cadillac of splitters. The video demonstrations cannot compare with the actual performance. I am still amazed. It is incredible how fast and powerful this thing works. Makes splitting large amounts of wood easy and fun. Why did I not find this years ago. Everyone that uses a wood splitter would want one if they were to use a split fire a few minutes."

"I bought one of your 4403's, 8-10 years ago, and every single time I use it I marvel at the brilliant design and supremely heavy-duty construction, and pat myself on the back for buying such a quality product. I just wanted to say, "Thank You," for not cutting any corners, and for building a product that will last more than a lifetime. I'm extremely tough on my tools and equipment, your splitter takes everything I throw at it - with no signs of ever letting up. It is built, as you know, like a tant. Literally.

"I wanted to send you a quick email thanking you for the quick and great service that you provide on my Split-Fire Wood Splitter. I have used it that last couple days and it runs like a champ. It even feels as if there has been a boost in torque from what I am use to.


So far, your service has been one of the best I have ever encountered. Should a 'potential future' customer ever need to speak to a 'current' customer, please feel free to pass my name along. Your product is the best and  your follow-up service is 'gold' in my book."

"I was delighted to get the phone call from my dealer telling me my custom Splitter had arrived. High flow hydraulics and log lift. First task was to get it unloaded I  was just about to swap my bucket out for my pallet forks, when I thought I wonder if my 3pt will go that high. Yep no problem getting it out of my Z71. The thing I really liked about this design is that it splits on every stroke. I can't wait to try it out tomorrow if the rain stops.


Note: Between about 1900-2100 RPM the engine is most efficient according to the engine brake specific fuel consumption charts Kubota supplies, meaning the engine uses less fuel per the required HP than it would at 1500 RPM.

Visa, Mastercard and Discover accepted.

Convenience fees will be added to your purchase

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