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What Are Land Rollers: Benefits and Applications

Updated: Mar 14

Land rollers are heavy-duty, agricultural machines used to prepare land for seeding or planting.

Land rollers are a type of agricultural machinery that can be used to prepare the soil for planting, seed germination, and crop growth. They are also useful for smoothing over uneven or rocky terrain. Land rollers are most often used by farmers, but they can also be used in other industries like construction.

Land rollers have been around for centuries, but recently their popularity has increased as new technologies like 3-section land rollers and 5-section land rollers have made them more efficient than ever before. Let’s take a look at what land rollers are, how they work, and where they can be used in this article.

What are Land Rollers?

Land rollers are an important tool in the agricultural industry, and they have a wide variety of applications. They are essentially large drum that attaches to large farm tractors. While all rollers are fairly heavy, certain models provide an optional water fill-kit that adds even more weight. They work to protect your combine's header by pushing down rocks and other field debris while also compacting the soil, which aids in seed germination.

Land rollers can also be used to help manage erosion by keeping water from washing away topsoil during heavy rainstorms or snow melts. They can also be used to help create furrows for planting crops like corn or soybeans.

Benefits of Land Rollers

There are many benefits associated with using land rollers on your agricultural property:

  • Rollers provide a uniform and smooth surface, which aids in establishing a stronger seed-to-soil connection, minimizing weed growth, and conserving water.

  • The germination rate of canola forages and other tiny seeds is greatly increased. The short crops such as chickpeas, peas, lentils, and soybeans may be harvested quickly and easily due to the hard smooth fields

  • The land roller speeds up harvest by pressing boulders into the soil so harvestors workers can get closer to the crop without risking injury to themselves or their damaging the equipment. This helps to decrease production losses due to missing pods at low heights. There is less likelihood of your header being plugged during harvest if there is no debris lying about. This will speed up the harvest because workers won't have to stop to avoid rocks field rocks will not be obstructing the process.

  • Compacting the soil can also help provide nutrients to it. As you compact the soil, you're breaking up any clumps that may have formed in your field, allowing for greater root penetration and better nutrient absorption by plants. This can help improve the overall health of plants and increase crop yield.

Applications of Land Rollers in Agriculture

Here are four of the most common applications of land rollers that have been successful for most farmers:

Improve crop yield

Land rollers can be used to prepare seeds for planting in fields as well as improve crop yield by reducing compaction and increasing aeration in the soil. They also reduce soil moisture loss through evaporation, which helps retain moisture longer for plants to absorb during dry seasons or periods when there is no rain for long periods.

Manage Residue

Shattering and breaking down strong maize stalks using a land roller is an effective method for managing residue. While the corn is still in the ground, the root ball structure is broken up to speed up the breakdown of the residue. After the corn is harvested, this method is frequently utilized by no-tillers as an alternative to tillage to cope with difficult residue.

Erosion Prevention

When farmers use a roller over their fields after harvest, it helps prevent erosion during heavy rains or snow melt by compressing the top layer of soil into a hard surface that slows down runoff water and prevents it from washing away topsoil with every storm or rain shower.

Debris Removal

Land rollers are also useful when it comes to removing rocks, stones, and other debris from fields and gardens. If you want to plant in a rocky area but don't want your plants uprooted because of their roots being damaged by stones then this is an effective way of managing them.

Which Land Roller Is Right for You?

If you are looking for a strong and durable land roller, the Ag Shield Land Roller is the right choice. AG Shield land rollers available through Jokela Power Equipment, LLC provide the industry's heaviest land roller.

There is a wide range of roller sizes available, from single sections to double, triple, and five-plex units, so you may choose the best one for your needs. When working on uneven ground or in areas with numerous gopher mounds, the Ag Shield Land Roller is the only roller that can be equipped with an optional leveling blade. The flexibility to swap out bearings in the field is unique to Ag Shield rollers, making them the only roller of their kind. Additionally, a seed applicator may be added to your purchase of these units to help you save on fuel consumption by reducing the number of times you have to drive through the field.

Their land roller has floating flexibility that makes it easy to fold and unfold. It also features a simple design that will not rust or corrode over time.

The Ag Shield Land Roller has been designed with reinforced steel crossbars that make it stronger than other options on the market today. The frame has been designed to be more flexible than other options so that it can withstand heavy impacts without breaking or cracking apart at any point during use.

It offers the following features:

Stronger Construction

Unlike any other land roller on the market, Ag Shield's Diagonal Pull Bar extends the whole length of the roller. Using this patent-protected, end-to-end design, we were able to reduce or eliminate frame tension. All 3 plex land rollers and 5 plex land rollers are equipped with this function.

To ensure reliable operation throughout time, we construct our rollers to rigorous standards. The average pressure offered by Ag Shield rollers is 450 lbs. per foot. ALL Ag Shield rollers include a 42-inch drum with a 5/8-inch wall thickness. Our 6" strong steel tubing is included for use in the structure.

Floating Flexibility

The 1 3/4 inch diameter and 4-way floating Heavy-Duty knuckles that are included in the standard floating land rollers hitch package on Ag Shield Land Rollers are a welcome addition. This gives you the freedom to adjust to the field's gradient as the roller portions go along.

Convenient to Unfold

When maneuvering into position in the field, Ag Shield Multi-Plex Land Rollers are easy to steer thanks to their multiple hydraulic pivot wheels. As soon as you begin to retreat, the roller will open out on both sides equally. All multi-wheeled variants are equipped with hydraulic casters.


There are many benefits to using a land roller, and we hope this article has helped you to understand the applications of this technology.

In conclusion, the Ag Shield Land Roller is a great option for any agricultural operation that wants to increase its crop yields while also reducing the amount of time in the field.

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