Pequea Machine Corp. has a full line of heavy duty, high-quality, feed-saving livestock feeders. Convenient Fence Line Feeders (Regular & Extra Deep) for calves, cows, and bulls can be easily connected. The PMC Feeder Wagons and Portable Bunk Feeders can be quickly moved to where you need them.

PMC makes bale feeders on skids for feeding both big squares and large round bales. Our Model 400 feeder is built for Goats and Sheep. The Model 500 series of heavy duty feeders are designed for calves and lowline cattle up through standard breeds of beef and dairy cattle. These bale feeders will pay for themselves in feed savings. Check out all the PMC heavy duty bale feeders.

DR - Tandemqt-36JPG-768x576-pmc.jpg


PMC Big Bale Transports

PMC Big Bale Transports have the features you want and the quality you expect. The PMC Big Bale Transport Model 646 Hauls 6 bales across the bottom and 2 more with our Carrier Attachment. The PMC Big Bale Transport Model 848 Hauls 8 bales across the bottom and 2 more with our Carrier Attachment.

PMC Combine Header Transports

PMC Combine Header Transports are capable of traveling at highway speeds. Choose the PMC QUICK-TRAK Model 1700 HD, the PMC QUICK-TRAK Model 2000 HD, or the PMC TANDEM  QUICK-TRAK Model 3006.


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