Kunz Engineering
Tow Behind Mowers & Tillage

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AcrEase MR44 & AcrEase MR55

The most durable Rough Cut Mower available on the market by far!

Manufactured to handle up to 2” diameter saplings & everything in between. Kunz Rough Cut Mowers provide 2 Marbane-Steel mower blades. These blades are not hinged or free swinging from a circular spinning plate under the deck. The Kunz engine mounts have been manufactured to handle a solid blade design. Marbane-Steel is formed under extreme hydraulic pressure which creates superior strength along with density. Standard mower decks are 8-gauge steel. Then a 7-gauge top plate is added to that with an additional ¼” steel plate at the blade spindles.

For more detailed information, please visit the Kunz Engineering website: kunzeng.com



AcrEase Model Pro60K

Kunz Engineering offers the AcrEase brand of pull behind finish cut style mowers in three different 60" models and one 40" model. The finish cut pull behind mower models are great for providing an excellent manicured lawn at high mowing speeds. The finish cut pull behind mowers are built in professional, commercial and heavy duty homeowner grade. The AcrEase mowers can either trail directly behind the tow vehicle or trail to the side. Tow an AcrEase with most any ATV, small riding mower, zero turn radius mower, utility vehicle (UTV) or small tractor.

  • 60″ Class

  • 25 HP Kohler Commercial Grade Twin Cylinder Engine

  • Commercial Grade

  • 4 Tire Design

  • Quick 2 Crank Height Adjust System

  • Electric Clutch Blade Engagement

  • Larger Diameter Tires and Heavier Wheel Supports than Our Other Models

Top of the line 60″ class professional grade model with a commercial grade twin cylinder electric start engine and electric clutch blade engagement.  Works great as an add-on to the side of a riding mower, zero turn mower or small tractor for larger yards. Can also be pulled with an ATV or UTV.

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Chisel Plow Till-Ease Model 543

43″ wide Chisel Plow / Cultivator with rigid shanks, cutting coulters and electric lift.  Very aggressive top of the line ATV tillage tool capable of deep tillage work.

Features (specs, highlights, etc)

  • 43″ Tillage Width

  • Electric Lift with ATV Operator Controls

  • 5 Front Cutting Coulters

  • Rigid Shanks for Better Ground Penetration

  • Till up to 6″ Deep

  • Narrow Chisel Points & 9″ Wide Field Cultivator Sweeps Included

  • Pull with ATV’s, UTV’s and Small Tractors



Cultipacker Till-Ease

Cultipacker Till-Ease Model TP3272

72″ wide all-in-one unit. Optional kits allow this Cultipacker to be mounted to an ATV/UTV or tractor, all within a matter of minutes. Simply pin to the hitch on an ATV/UTV or 3-point mount to a tractor. Great tool for providing the proper seed to soil contact. That translates to faster more dependable seed germination.

Features (specs, highlights, etc)

  • 72″ Packer Width

  • 32 Individual Cast Iron Packer Wheels

  • Agricultural Grade Greasable Bearings

  • Solid 1-3/4″ Steel Shaft

  • Heavy Duty Structural Frame

  • Optional Kits to Allow for Flip-Over Wheel Transport or 3-Point Tractor Mounting.